Why is UK Education the Best?


Students that are educated in the UK are, without question, going to be in a very strong position when it comes to competing with those who have been educated elsewhere.

If we look at higher education in the UK with its combination of tradition and history of outstanding academic study, it is easy to see why the UK stands above other countries. With the cutting edge thinking, a fantastic reputation for research, innovation, creativity and always evolving global perspective, UK universities are always able to entice some of the leading academics and top students from around the world.

Let’s take a look at what makes our education system the best in the world;


Those that obtain a degree from an English language university can rest assured that their academic qualifications will be highly regarded anywhere on the planet. The UK’s higher education is globally renowned due to its focus on excellence and high academic standards. The UK university system is predominantly public not private, this means that the UK government requires them to undergo stringent checks for teaching and also research, both of which must be quality.

Graduate Earlier

If you want to get your career and working life off to the quickest possible start, you will be very pleased to know that the majority of degree courses offered at UK universities are (on average) shorter than similar courses in other countries. 

Critical Thinking

This is something that really resonates with international students that come to the UK to study, the methods of teaching and learning are extremely different to what they have experienced. Home grown students usually take this for granted, the fact that they are so used to such teaching styles is yet another reason why the UK is head and shoulders above others.

Students studying in the UK will get to experience interactive, student-centered lessons in which they are expected to express their own thoughts and ideas. This is why the UK’s system is famed for cultivating critical thinking ability, creativity and also decision making amongst its students.

All of the above and more go to show why students that have studied in the UK go on to have successful careers and develop as individuals whilst studying. The UK continues to cement it’s place as a global leader in Education and it shows no sign of slowing up anytime soon.

Carl Browne writes for Enjoy Education, bespoke private tutoring and schools consultancy services.