Weird and Wonderful: Facts About Antarctica



Antarctica is one of those places that keeps on surprising you and it doesn’t matter whether you are reading about it or you are actually there yourself. I find it an absolutely fascinating place in terms of traveling there and also the weird and wonderful facts about it. I thought I would share some of these facts with you today, so read on to find out more.

The coldest

Antarctica is without a doubt the coldest place on earth, especially when you consider that the coldest temperature ever recorded was on Antarctica. This was −89.2 °C at the Soviet Vostok Station in 1983. Few people can barely imagine what it is like for temperatures to reach −10 °C, so this is a huge difference to your normal winter.

There is complete darkness during the Winter

Just like the northernmost parts of the earth, the winter months mean constant darkness over the entire continent for a good part of the year. The winter lasts from late March until November and this makes travel to Antarctica impossible during this time. Not to worry though, there would be nothing to see, the ice would be too thick and all the animals would have gone to warmer waters for the entire winter.

Somehow it is a desert!

Strangely the continent is a desert, because it is one of the driest places on the entire planet. You may be wondering how this is possible given all the ice there, but there is actually very little snowfall and such a low amount of rainfall that it is classified as a desert! This is probably something that you never imagined could be possible, but interestingly enough it is also the largest desert on earth!

The most popular way to get there is by….

Cruise ship and you will cross one of the hardest and most exciting passages of water on earth: the Drake Passage. Travel to Antarctica is definitely worth the hard trip though, because you will see the most stunning sights of your life from penguins and whales, to unbelievably big icebergs and glaciers.

It is covered in ice

One of the most interesting things is that most of the continent is actually covered in ice. This is an incredible fact alone, but what I find to be even more interesting is just how thick this ice is. At over 1.6 kilometres thick, this can be very difficult to imagine, but it is incredible nonetheless!

It’s the most beautiful

Perhaps this is a perspective thing rather than a real fact, but Antarctica is actually the most beautiful place that I have ever been in my entire life. Especially with the incredibly diverse wildlife, seascape and landscape. I would highly recommend going there if you get the chance. It is not an easy or cheap journey by any means, but it surely something that you will never forget in your entire life.