The UK has a lot to offer both the residents and the visitors; it has a rich history that residents are proud of, glorious regional diversity and cultural festivities to keep visitors fascinated. This makes a tour of Great Britain both fascinating and exciting. Explore the West Midlands and the Peak District where you find Birmingham which is the epicenter of the West Midlands which once ruled as the world’s industrial metropolis. Though with a reputation of culture hating people and car loving community, this has changed over the recent years and museums have been stuffed up with industrial artifacts. Explore the scenic shires surrounding Birmingham, highlighted by the stunning Malvern Hills, and if you drift further north the rugged scenery of the Peak District.

The Peak District contains hills and dales which made up Britain’s first National Park back in 1951 and it offers a relaxed countryside to those who live around and can drive here occasionally to enjoy its natural beauty. If you love walking, then the Pennine Way leads you to the misty peaks of Dark Peak and through tiny villages. Visit the Chatsworth House near Bakewell and then head to the town that is distinctive for cakes and well dressing ritual.

If you fancy something abroad though then Greece is well known for its numerous islands, ancient ruins, quaint white washed villages; sun kissed sandy beaches and exceptional cuisine. It is made up of its mountainous mainland and hundreds of islands each special in its very own way and offering beautiful attractions.

Visit the island of Rhodes that is located in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. It is characterized by lush pine trees, wild flowers and structures of historical significance.

Crete is one of the largest Greek Islands which is spacious and pleasantly varied from the stunning coastline to the towering rugged mountains and rolling countryside dotted with olive trees. You may choose to wander in its bustling metropolitan cities or take in the beauty of its villages tucked away from the crowded cities. Crete still bears the marks of the past from the numerous phases of civilizations it has gone through over the centuries.

For those who want to try and see it all, the Europe rail pass is ideal for reducing travelling costs if you want to traverse through Europe, however it may be tricky to work your route to fit your budget.  In the past all you needed to do was to get a pass and hop into any train and get going, this is now difficult due to limited seat availability and some countries such as France charge a lot for seat reservations. As always book early as most trains charge less on early bookings; avoid expensive last minute fares.

One of the tricks you can use to get the most of your pass is travel by night and also mix and match by using rail pass on expensive routes and buying the cheaper tickets for the shorter routes. The Passes also do come with some kinds of discounts like 50% off ferry charges in Greece, Italy and Germany; you may also find some discounts too on buses by just being a holder of the pass.