Technology That Has Changed The Way We Work


Over the past decade, advancements in technology have meant many changes  in our daily lifestyles and the way we work. Technological advancements have changed everything, from how we learn and work to how we communicate with others.

The way that children learn in schools today  is very different to the way children learned 20 years ago. The way that people are trained for new jobs also has  significantly. As has, the way that small businesses and larger companies run.

With so many astounding advancements in technology, it is no wonder that the way we live and work has changed a lot over the past few years. And while there have been many new technological devices that have been beneficial to our daily lives, what has been most beneficial to our working lives?

Here is our guide to the advancements in technology that have changed our day-to-day lives in the workplace.


The first, of course, is the IPad. IPads really are a game changer, and thanks to advancements in Android technologies, today, so are tablets. IPads are considered to be one of the most adaptable and powerful tools for working, and with so many different apps to choose from, there are very few things you can’t use them for.


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One of the most beneficial things IPads have changed in terms of how we work, is where we work. The mobility and ease of use that tablets and IPads give means that we now have the ability to work remotely from any location.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, being able to work from anywhere is a massive bonus. It means that regardless of where the business owner is, at home or at a business meeting, they can check in with work via their tablet.

GPS tracking

While not everyone will have heard of the GPS tracking, it is a truly fantastic invention that is well loved by everyone in the transport and delivery industry. It may not have been a lifestyle game changer like the IPad, but this amazing piece of kit is crucial for many businesses.

Fleet tracking technology can be used to track vehicles locations in real time, which for taxi companies, is crucial. It also has many other benefits, including reducing costs, superior route planning abilities and can be used to monitor vehicle maintenance too.

Cloud computing

Of all the things on the internet, for business owners, the most important thing is cloud computing. The cloud is an amazing resource that allows business owners to use it for many things, from storing documents and data to keeping sensitive information safe.

For businesses, being able to get rid of on-site document and data storage and use an online facility instead, is amazing. It allows them the security of knowing that if their office gets broken into, their sensitive documents and data are safe.

There are plenty of ways technology has changed our lives, but for many of us, it has also significantly changed the way we work. For many of us, the way we used to work 10 years ago is a thing of the past, and we now work in a whole new, technological way.