Price protection plan from MAS?



Are you in the market for a new merchant processing provider? If so, you should take the time to find a service provider that truly understands how to treat their customers. After all, merchant account processors will be responsible for helping you handle your money and your profit – shouldn’t you be able to rest assured that you are in good hands? With Merchant Account Solutions, that is exactly what you can do! They offer excellent customer service along with a great price protection plan to ensure that you pay a fair price, always.

Merchant Processing

As a merchant processor, Merchant Account Solutions understands the fears that plague small business owners when it comes to their merchant processing service. Namely, they know that sudden fee increases can be devastating to businesses, especially when the business in question is struggling to get on their feet as it is. That’s why they offer a lifetime price protection plan! With Merchant Account Solutions, you have the option to present them with plans from competitors that offer lower prices – and they will, at the very least, match that price.


Looking for a new merchant account processor? Reach out and learn more about Merchant Account Solutions and the kind of technology they offer! Their portable credit card reader, for example, ensures that you can do business wherever you might roam, a great option for the modern entrepreneur who is always on the go and likes to sell as they do so. Finally, you cannot overlook the processing fees that you will be paying with your merchant account processor of choice! Don’t forget that this is your money at stake – go with the most respected service that offers the lowest credit card processing fees around!

For more information about Merchant Account Solutions, give them a call today!