Help Your Children Boost Their Note Taking Skills

Are you finding that no matter how many notes your child seems to take during their classes and lectures, the information just isn’t being retained? You’re not alone. With the amount of information being provided to children, it’s often hard for them to keep up. If it’s beginning to affect their grades and their exam scores, here are a few ways to help them improve.


Decide on a Format

One of the things students find hard to do during lectures and tutorials is to take down every piece of information they’re given. Before your student heads into a lecture or tutorial, decide on a format for their note taking. If the lecture is history related, find a quick shorthand way for them to take down important dates and times in a uniformed way, instead of trying to write everything the teacher says, verbatim.


Can You Read Their Notes?

If you aren’t able to read their notes then, despite what they may say, they aren’t likely to be able to either. This is often due to them not being able to write as fast as they can type. A small wireless keyboard that can connect with their cell phone or tablet can be the difference between taking a scribble and taking a note. If they’re like most students and are prone to losing attachments, there are some great Groupon coupons out there for products like leather-bound tablet and accessory holders that can help them to keep everything together.


Centralize Their Notes

Having notes in a dedicated notebook or even on their home computer is good, but what if they want to add to these notes at a later stage, or they are speaking with a fellow student and realize they took a note down incorrectly. Sign them up for an online note taking service which can allow them to access and edit their notes anywhere they have access to the internet. Moments of brilliance on the bus where they suddenly remembered something won’t be lost if they can quickly access their online notes and make an addition.


Share and Share Alike

If your student has friends in the same class, get them together before a lecture and designate who will take what notes. Alongside their regular note taking, if one student is in charge on focusing on important dates while another focuses heavily on names and faces, a quick collaboration session afterwards can greatly boost the quality of their notes.


When it comes to note taking, anything you can do to help can be a great advantage. If one tip doesn’t work, try another until you find a solution that works best for your child.