Essential Steps for an active Kids’ Birthday Party


If you’re lucky enough for your kid’s birthday to fall in the spring or summer months then you should definitely hold your kid’s birthday party outside. Being outside means kid’s being more active and ultimately having more fun. After you’ve bought the presents using your groupon vouchers it’s time to get planning!


So how can you have a successful active birthday party for your kid? Well it really is easy if you know how and here are 4 tips that will help you make it a day to remember.

Start with the cake

This may not be too traditional because the cake is usually saved till last, but let’s be honest no parent wants to come and collect their kid when they’re on a high rush after just eating the cake. The kid’s love the cake and it will also give them enough energy to burn for the whole party. I promise that once you’ve had the cake first at one party you will always do it! This then follows on very nicely to the second tip.

Get outside

Now that the kids are happy and have some sugar to burn off it’s time to get outside. We love nothing more that heading out in to the forest and walk along a simple trail. The amount of energy that the kids have after eating the cake I just can’t imagine if we were back home and the kids were stuck in the house with no release for their energy. Of course not everyone has a forest to take advantage of but you need to get outside, so you can go to the park or local field.

Move about with activities

If the kids are just sitting around they cannot burn off the sugar, so we always like to to make them play games that get them active and moving their whole body. Scavenger hunts are an all time favourite for kids or even a simple game of hide and seek will keep people happy.

Keep snacks healthy

After the cake it’s time to balance out the food with some healthy treats, if you don’t then the kids are likely to crash and become very tired plus grumpy which no one wants. Good iceas are fruit, veggies, lots of water, cheese and yogurts.