Costa Rica: The Coolest Classroom on Earth!

As any teacher knows, it can be a challenge to reach students in a typical classroom environment. With limited class time, distractions of friends, after school activities, upcoming tests, and more, it is sometimes hard to cut through all the noise and really engage with your students. Precisely because of this, meaningful educational travel can have such a strong impact on students beyond what is often possible in the classroom. Costa Rica student trips are a fantastic opportunity to get your students to engage, grow, and maximize the foundation of their learning in the classroom – no matter what subject you teach!

Students in Costa Rica

Getting outside the classroom and into the real world allows students to engage with all their senses. Costa Rica offers a wealth of incredible environments – from tropical dry forest, lowland rainforest, highland cloud forest, to volcanic zones and coastal ecosystems – for students to taste, see, feel, hear, and try a plethora of new things. There is no better way to learn biology than to experience the environment first hand and participate in field research, no richer way to delve into cultural studies than by participating in a traditional dance, or quicker route to improving language skills through daily conversation in a home stay. The opportunities for active engagement on Costa Rica student tours are endless!

Educators' Journey Making Tortillas

Stepping away from standard classroom teaching and evaluations can also allow you to help your students find success in new areas and gain a real sense of achievement. Especially for those students who may not thrive with standardized testing or under the pressure of evaluations, the wide range of challenges and activities on a Costa Rica student tour can be important experiences that build confidence and help a young person find their passion. That student who is never able to finish a test might just find their calling in active and engaged field research, sampling dolphin behaviors in the wild. The student too shy to speak in class suddenly finds her voice while leading her boat down the river on a white water rafting adventure. Exploration, trying new experiences, and facing challenges are key for growth in adolescents, and experiential learning expeditions provide these opportunities in droves in ways even the best teachers could not do in the classroom.


Finally, getting out into the real world makes classroom learning come alive and feel meaningful for students. The Latin American history lesson that may not have grabbed students’ attention, takes on a whole new meaning when they meet an indigenous tribe and hear the story of the fight to preserve cultural traditions. The Spanish vocabulary that seemed abstract will no longer be forgotten after students use it to connect to a new Costa Rican friend.

There are countless advantages in taking students out into a new environment and culture, away from the familiar routine and distractions of every day school life. Even for the very best classroom teachers, Costa Rica student tours offer an incredible opportunity to maximize your students’ education in a meaningful, high impact, and unforgettable way!

Crawford Hill is the owner and director of Costa Rican Adventures, an educational travel company focused on cultural immersion. An expedition leader, former biology teacher, and educational innovator, Hill has been guiding students and adults on wilderness adventures since 1974.