5 Reasons to use a private tutor in Hong Kong


Private tutoring has been in existence since learning began. A tutor is classes as ‘ an individual who provides private instruction to another individual or small group of learners.’

Private tutors Hong Kong (私人補習老師 香港)have help students of all levels to achieve success. Private tuition is not only aimed at weak students of those students that are struggling, it is also extremely useful for those students that want to reinforce what they have learned in the classroom.

Here are 5 reasons we think make using a private tutor a good idea:

1) The relaxed and informal atmosphere

Private tutoring has a very informal feel to it. The atmosphere is relaxed, this relaxed environment is extremely beneficial for the student because it make both the private tutor and student feel comfortable. Another benefit is that the student feels confident to ask questions whilst the tutor is at ease when answering questions. It is often the case that private tutor Hong Kong (私人補習老師 香港) become friends with their students. Find your private tutor online on Analyze.Academichelp.

2) Personal Attention

The personal attention that the student receives from the tutor is one of the main benefits of private tutors. The extra attention that tutors provide is often just what students need to improve. Tutors are able to work individually with their students, they can check they understand the key points of the lesson and the main ideas. The student is able to work without any distraction from other students and the tutor can clearly check understanding, whereas sometimes in classroom teachers may assume that the student understands before moving on to the next topic. With private tutors the student is almost guaranteed to understand all point before moving on to the next part of the lesson.

3) Learning disabilities

Due to the fact that private tutors are able to work one on one with students (or sometimes in small groups) they are in a very good position to be able to identify possible learning difficulties that may not be identified in a classroom setting, the number of students in a classroom makes it extremely difficult for teachers to pick up on learning difficulties. If tutors see a learning issue they can inform the parents who can then in turn get an exert opinion.

4) Improvement in academic performance

The main reason for people using a private tutor’s services is to improve their academic performance. It is a well known fact that students that use tutors perform better academically than those who do not use tutors. The length of time that a tutor is needed varies from student to student, some students only need a tutor for a certain period of time whereas others need continuous tuition in order to succeed throughout their academic life. Whatever the situation, private tutoring has proved to beneficial to students and it has benefitted students all over the world.